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Privacy Policy is a new online resource for the growing number of adventurous GMail skinners. At present the method we use to get this done is only supported by Mozilla FireFox but we are looking into cross browser or individual browser supported methods as well.

GMail Skinning Quick Guide

  • Install the URLid Mozilla/Firefox extension.
  • Download this CSS file.
  • Locate your FireFox Folder and the chrome folder within that.
  • Copy the downloaded CSS file to the chrome folder (if you already have such a file, you will have to merge the two).
  • Restart Firefox.
  • Visit Gmail and see the results.

What is Gmail Skinning? Gmail Skinning is a method we first discovered on the blog. We make use of the URLid extension in FireFox which basically assigns the domain of each site as the id attribute of the current page's body tag. That means the browser can now differentiate domains by id (which is the name of the domain itself). Of course Mozilla 1.8a3 and later do in fact support per-domain CSS but since most users have upgraded to the latest version we'll keep things current and focus our instructions on FireFox.

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